Scholt (Netherlands): Scholt Energy Services (SES) was founded in 2015 as a sister company of Scholt Energy Control (SEC). SEC is an energy supplier that is active in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany for the industrial market with an annual turnover of € 250 million. SES was founded with the goal of developing independent solutions contributing to the energy transition. Amongst these solutions are energy management, solar-PV installations, demand response and energy storage.

SES is active on the market of utility-scale energy storage systems (ESSs) and currently owns two projects: one in collaboration with VDL and one in collaboration with wind farm Giessenwind. This gives SES a dominant position on the Dutch market of storage behind the meter.

Role in the Project: Within the project, SES is responsible for the demonstration activities at the pilot sites in the Netherlands. At the ADO stadium, SES is project leader and responsible for the realisation of the energy storage system and the EV charging poles and at Giessenwind it is the co-owner of the energy storage system. SEC is the energy supplier at all the pilot sites and is responsible for utilizing the opportunities on the different energy markets. Furthermore, SES will be using the DRIvE platform in their day to day business to procure the flexibility at the different sites for balancing and ancillary services.


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