To break out of the current status quo, DRIvE will develop and validate a fully-integrated ICT infrastructure consisting of interoperable DR-enabling Energy Management solutions for residential and tertiary buildings and platform for effective and secure management of flexibility at the level of the distribution grid.

The DRIvE underpinning process will consist of 3 phases:

  1. Unlock DR potential of buildings
  2. Enable effective and secure decentralised management of the grid
  3. Make a synergistic use of validation activities to boost DRIvE’s development

DRIvE aims to:

  • Unlock DR potential in residential and tertiary buildings through low cost solutions that are universally interoperable, integrating innovative load prediction and optimization algorithms
  • Optimize distribution grid flexibility through an integrated Multi-agent based Demand Response ICT platform for aggregators integrating last advances in distributed real-time control architecture, artificial intelligence and communication
  • Demonstration of secure communication through the design and development of cyber-security components for Smart Grids
  • Engage and stimulate customers to participate in DR programs through a consumer portal


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