Here you can find a list of our scientific publications:

  1. Loureiro, T.; Sterling, R.; Vinyals, M. (2018) Demand Response Integration tEchnologies: Unlocking the Demand Response Potential in the Distribution Grid. Proceedings 2018, 2, 1129.
  2. Robbe, M.-F.; Vinyals, M.; Lodeweyckx, S.; Espeche, J.M.; Brun, P.-E.; Costa, S.V.; Mourshed, M.; Kavgić, A.; Loureiro, T. (2018) Putting Residential Flexibility Management into Action with Pilot Sites in Europe: From Mas2tering to DRIvE Projects. Proceedings 2018, 2, 1130.
  3. Meng, F., Weng, K., Shallal, B., Chen, X., Mourshed, M. (2018) Forecasting Algorithms and Optimization Strategies for Building Energy Management & Demand Response. Proceedings 2018, 2, 1133. 
  4. Wang, Y., Yang, Z., Mourshed, M., Guo, Y., Niu, Q., Zhu, X. (2019) Demand side management of plug-in electric vehicles and coordinated unit commitment: A novel parallel competitive swarm optimization method. Energy Conversion and Management 2019, 196 pp. 935-949.
  5. Espeche, J., Aranda, I., Sterling, R., Loureiro, T. (2019) Tecnologías para la integración de respuesta a la demanda en edificios inteligentes: desde el control hasta el blockchain. V Congreso Edificios Inteligentes, Libro de Comunicaciones y Proyectos, pp. 83-87.
  6. Loureiro, T., Espeche, J., Vinyals, M., Stecchi, U., Tzovaras, D., Ioannidis, D., Geysen, D. (2019) Distributed Schemes, Innovative Solutions for Smart Grids: P2P, Multi-Agent Systems & Blockchain. Proceedings 2019, 20, 5.
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  8. Denysiuk, R., Lilliu, F., Vinyals, M., Reforgiato, D. (2020) Multiagent system for community energy management. Proceedings 12th ICAART, pp. 28-39.
  9. Denysiuk, R., Lilliu, F., Reforgiato, D., Vinyals, M. (2020) Peer-to-peer Energy Trading for Smart Energy Communities. Proceedings 12th ICAART, pp. 40-49.

For more information on all of the project’s public data, check out DRIvE’s page in Zenodo.

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