Here you can find a list of our scientific publications:

  1. Loureiro, T.; Sterling, R.; Vinyals, M. Demand Response Integration tEchnologies: Unlocking the Demand Response Potential in the Distribution Grid. Proceedings 20182, 1129.
  2. Robbe, M.-F.; Vinyals, M.; Lodeweyckx, S.; Espeche, J.M.; Brun, P.-E.; Costa, S.V.; Mourshed, M.; Kavgić, A.; Loureiro, T. Putting Residential Flexibility Management into Action with Pilot Sites in Europe: From Mas2tering to DRIvE Projects. Proceedings 20182, 1130.

For more information on all of the project’s public data, check out DRIvE’s page in Zenodo.

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