COMSA (Spain): COMSA CORP is the second largest unlisted Spanish group in the infrastructures and engineering sector. With more than a century of experience behind it, COMSA Corporación has a turnover of more than €1,200 million, over 8,000 employees and is present in more than 20 countries. COMSA CORP and its linked third-party COMSA INDUSTRIAL together have an extensive background of construction of sustainable buildings, both during the construction process and when they are operational, equipped with intelligent control systems and efficient HVAC systems, lighting, integration of renewable energies, energy storage systems and insulation that work together to achieve lower energy consumption and greater comfort.

Role in the Project: COMSA has led discussions regarding the context in which DRIvE will be implemented and the requirements and specifications through which the DRIvE solution will be built on. In addition, COMSA will be providing its headquarters in Barcelona as a demo-site for tertiary buildings. This will allow the DRIvE platform to remotely operate its solution in a real setting. A consumer portal for building managers will also be tested.


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