Commisariat a l’Energie Atomique et Aux Energies Alternatives

CEA (France): CEA is the French Atomic and Alternative Energy Commission, a leading European RTO with > 16 000 employees and 10 centres in France. Key figures include an annual operating budget of more than €4 billion, 178 high-tech spin-offs since its creation and 751 priority patents filed in 2014. 80% of the CAC40 (benchmark French stock market index) companies have set up bilateral agreements with CEA for the provision of targeted innovation and technology transfer services. In this project, CEA will participate through their Technology Division, CEA Tech.

Providing a unique combination of expertise and research facilities, that encompass all required scientific and technology dimensions (ICT, energy, and construction), CEA LIST is part of the dynamic and challenging environment of the Paris Saclay campus (60 000 students) and features high-standard ICT infrastructures, as well as an extensive portfolio of software assets (CAD tools, simulation & data mining tools, large energy data records from previous projects).

Role in the project: Besides the contribution to the definition of the specifications and requirements over which the DRIvE solution will be built upon, CEA is also the main contributor to the development of an innovative distributed district management platform, based on Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) for DR. The MAS platform for the optimal management of energy systems is supported by previous developments in different projects, in particular in Mas2tering.


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