LECO (Belgium): i.LECO is an SME which believes in a full sustainable energy society and to facilitate this, it’s mission is to enable intelligent Local Energy Communities by means of innovative software to create economic and ecological value to all participants and companies. The i.LECO team has a very rich experience on complex smart energy solutions from asset, to building to aggregated level. One of the co-founders of i.LECO was actually the founder of Enervalis, but due to the strategic re-focus of Enervalis, i.LECO has been started to work further on the complex microgrid level.

Role in the Project: i.LECO  is in charge of the local energy community services and pilot deployment/execution in the Woerden area. Focus will be to implement and run a novel local energy community service/market place called LES (Layered Energy System) which optimizes both locally and on national level and runs on a blockchain framework.

Website: www.ileco.energy

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